Sound system
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Blaupunkt San Francisco RDM169


The head unit is a Blaupunkt San Francisco RDM169 which has many nice functions suchs as EQ, 'multipurpose display', remote control and so on. It's connected to a 10CD changer, Blaupunkt CDC A-08. Find out more [HERE]

Audison LR 605 XR

The system includes only one amplifier, that is Audison LR 605 XR. It has 5 channels and a 3-way active crossover, so there's no compulsory need for any other signalprocessors and/or amplifiers. To see some specs and the installation, click [HERE]

Velocity VRX 130

The speakers on the photo are Velocity VX 130's, but just the other day I replaced those with a set of Velocity VRX 130's and there are no photos of them yet. They are installed on the front doors and used for frequences above ~120Hz. Installation and comments can be seen in [HERE]

Velocity VXW 300

This Velocity VXW 300 12" subwoofer is installed in a sealed box about 42L size. It's used for frequencies below ~80Hz and it's connected to the amp as 8 ohm since it has two voice coils and 2 ohm connection didn't sound good to me. [MORE]

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