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This page is about an ex-tempore trip from southern Finland to Northest place of Europe, Nordkapp in Norway. All of the text is in Fin, but you'll understand the maps and other photos if you're interested. Link to the photos can be found below, as well as the link to the carpage. Routeplan can been seen by scrolling down this page.

The whole idea started when a ~friend of mine tried to sell his useless '77 base model Fiesta to me for 100 euros in 7/05. I wasn't interested because there was nothing in the car that interested me. After a while the price went a bit lower, he offered me 10 euros for petrol if I came to pick up the car the same day. I made a phone call to another friend and asked him if he was interested in a trip to Norway, like we'd often talked about. And then. I went to get it.

So now we had a car that costed us minus 10 euros, and a plan to go to Norway. We agreed that no 'real' maintenance will be done before the trip, we just cleaned it inside and cheked the oil and that was it. We had almost no tools at all, and the idea was to leave the car behind if it breaks down.

Ofcourse some external and internal tuning was done with the power of a bottle of Koskenkorva (alc 38%) one night. And off we went. I don't feel like writing any excat details now, but we had only some minor problems. We could'n use headlights (low voltage), bought a new battery (didn't need it at all so it was useless buy), after 1000km it didn't start anytmore when hot, some temp loss of power was noticed many times (took only 80km/h for kilometers no matteruphill or downhill or what ever gear). And one of the best events! We did even manage to pass a 2CV!! Unfortunately after that started a long easy uphill and we couldn't pull away from it .. In norway we found those tunnels, and our headlights (had to turn on, it was dark) showed nothing. Well, the trafic signs glowed, but nothing else. It was a little bit frightening to see a traffic sign telling that there was going to be 3.5 kilometers of 9% downhill and the same thing uphill ofcourse. But! No problems at all!! I thing we drove at least 15 kilometers on 2nd gear and 3000rpm and so on ..

But enough of this, check out the photos and other stuff

Matkalta otettuja kuvia (PHOTOS)
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Krisse ja Lateksi reissaa Kotka-Kuusamo-Lakselv-Nordkapp-Lakselv-Enontekijö-Kemi-Kotka, 8-12(?).2005

Maanantai, 8.8
Kotka-Kouvola-Mikkeli-Varkaus-Kuopio- Iisalmi-Kajaani-Suomussalmi-Kuusamo 730km, 10-11 tuntia Majoitus Sokos Hotelli, 72e
Tiistai, 9.8
Kuusamo-Kemijärvi-Sodankylä-Vuotso- Ivalo-Inari-Karigasniemi/raja- Karasjok-Lakselv->15km 630km, 9-10 tuntia Majoitus Stabbursdalen Feriesenter, 2 yötä, 210e sis aamupalat ym
Keskiviikko, 10.8
Stabbursdalen Feriesenter-Nordkapp-Stabbursdalen Feriesenter 2x200km -> 400km, ~ 3h suuntaansa
Torstai, 11.8
Lakselv-Karasjok-Kautokeino-Raja- Leppäjärvi-Enontekijö-Palojoensuu- Muonio-Kolari-Pello-Tornio-Kemi 650km, ~11-12h Majoitus Cumulus, 73e
Perjantai, 12.8
Kemi-Oulu-Pulkkila-Viitasaari-Jyväskylä- Heinola-Kouvola-Kotka 690km, 10-11h
Matkaa ~3350km Pensaa ~400e Majoitukset Kuusamo 72e Norjassa 210e Kemi 73e Muut matkakulut Norjassa ~150e Matkakulut yhteensä ~900e + viihteeseen ym Xe
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