My Fiesta '90

My Fiesta '90

I bought this masterpiece of German mobileindustry in '98, in August to be exact. I drove almost 300 kilometers to see it, and it wasn't quite exactly what the owner told on the phone. I was told it's very tidy inside, has good tires and everything else was to be perfect too. Well, the interior - seats mostly - was far away from 'like new', the bearings of the alternator made whistling noise, one cam follower tickled, exhaust was at it's end .. And the tires! Phew! Three were of 155/70/13 size, one was 165/something. And if that wasn't enough .. Some idiot had an idea to put wide PINK and GRAY stripes on it! Damn it looked horrible! But after a while we got to an understanding about the price - we were already back in our car to head back home since the seller wasn't satisfied with my offer :-) - and so I became the owner this thing wich soon became my bride (no, not pride.. Not yet :-)) and joy!

Needless to say, I wasn't very happy with those stripes so those had to go the next day. Also some other modifications to the appearance has been made to make the car look more 'personal'. These modifications include rear wiper, tailpipe, sidemarkes and so on.
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As mentioned, also the wheels weren't exactly what I consider as good so they had to go the next day too. The new tires (Yokohama A520 185/60/14) were installed with a set of nice alloys - surprise :-) - and they worked fine until changing the normal springs to lowering springs. After that I had to get tyres with even lower profile to get them rolling properly.
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And since I'm really an forever-teen, the soundsystem I've put up is of course far-better-than-stock. Components used are from Blaupunkt, Audison and Velocity. Even if the home-made installation includes some glass and illumination for the looks, the trunk can still be restored to it's original use in just 10 minutes. Altough it's that easy to remove, it's not very simple to steal since the installation includes two locks that are in so small spaces that it's difficult to get there with the key, not to mention any tools to break the locks.
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Under the hood there aren't changes made, the original 1.6 CVH engine with carburettor is in good shape and since it's far to expensive to make any REALLY usefull changes (=RST :-)) I'll just consentrate on keeping things like they are. For now.

Even if this site does have many photos of my ride, there are still few that don't fit anywhere else than here.

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